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That’s why The Manual of Psychedelic Support recommends that sitters talk trippers through these challenging experiences rather than talking them down or out of them. It’s also crucial never to be condescending or patronizing in any way. Don’t talk to trippers like they’re children or like they’re stupid because that can really send people into a negative place.

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However, I have been making small steps in the right direction (this isn’t my first rodeo). I beat depressions ass many times before, and I will do it again. I refuse medication for it because I feel it would hinder my from making the right steps, and would rather sedate me enough to tolerate my shit situation — it’s what happened last time. Substance Use Disorders are so correlated with ADHD that they are damn near a symptom of untreated ADHD in teens/adults. What field of medicine punishes patients for a medical disorder — isn’t a SUD a valid medical condition? Should a diabetic have their treatment revoked due to a SUD?

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It is a method for precipitating events which give us the ability to heal ourselves. Read more about Kambo Stick here. It increases the trajectory at which our lives progress into their most evolved states more readily. People of all religions drink this tea, and find deeper meanings in their chosen beliefs.

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Morning was now a cup of baking soda water instead of coffee. It’s just uncanny to see a whole lot of the “random” foods that make me feel bad on a single list, and that number next to the anchovies explains the post-homemade pizza feeling too… All of that being context, the thing I wonder about this is, if chronic stress does indeed inflame the gut, what does the process of reversing that inflammation look like? It doesn’t seem like you can simply remove environmental stressors to undo the inflammation.

We can jaw all day about how GDP has never been higher and how much TV there is to watch now, but we’ve never been chronically sicker and we’re trending the wrong direction. I do not think medication should be the go-to unless it is completely warranted. Besides, I hate to say it, but honestly, I am not really sure the ADHD meds work all that well to begin with. I often joke that I swear they work better for people without ADHD than those with it. Another issue that ADHD (and many other conditions) is that there is absolutely no way beyond a reasonable doubt to prove who has the condition and who does not.

Do they test for alcohol or tobacco — two of the most damaging substances on the planet? Take CBD with negligible amounts of THC, but enough to pop hot on a urinalysis?

While you are there for the person going on a psychedelic journey, don’t completely ignore your own needs. Eat when you’re hungry and go to the bathroom when you have to because, again, the tripper will be able to sense when you’re uncomfortable and that could cause them to feel uncomfortable. One other way to prepare before the psychedelic experience begins is to have a “backup sitter,” recommends Grotfeldt. While it’s not necessary to have two sitters for one tripping person, telling someone you trust what you’ll be doing can be crucial if an emergency situation arises. Another situation where a backup sitter could come in handy is if you’re sitting for someone who is physically much larger than you, and they begin to act violently (breaking things, screaming). In this case, you’ll want to have a backup sitter on call who is large enough to help the voyager work through these feelings. Basically, having someone to call or text when things get questionable can help you to make the safest choices for those you’re sitting.

It’s also important to know if they have any history of depression or anxiety, and if they’re on any medications to treat it. For example, SSRI antidepressants will lessen the effects of psilocybin, even if the tripper skipped that day’s dose.

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